iRead is an incentive based reading programme for intermediate aged children, held over the summer holidays.

iRead is designed to reward participants after they have read and review three books – preferably books borrow from the library. All ECREAD’N library participants are provided with a new release book of their choice, for every three reviews. These books are provided free of charge thanks to the support of the Eastern & Central Community Trust.

On registration participants are supplied with a review booklet and optional access to the online iRead portal. 

Online Portal

We are pleased to announce our digital engagement project is now complete and available to all libraries.

Participants can sign in to the online portal, submit their reviews in various formats (written, audio, video, picture, etc), receive feedback from librarians and track their progress to earn incentives. Librarians can access these reviews, share news and events, and see a full overview of their participants.

The iRead 2019/20 theme is…
The A&P Show!


To interest, encourage and stimulate children to have fun and enjoy reading.

To increase reading skills in the widest sense, including creativity, communication, and to develop self-esteem.

To encourage caregivers to become involved with their children’s reading at home –  helping create life-long learners.

To encourage children to become regular library users by fostering positive relationships between families, libraries and librarians.


If your library is interested in offering our iRead Programme, or you would like more information, please get in touch. We are on a mission to run the best library reading programmes in the country and would love to have you on board.